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Monthly Membership

What's included? 

  • 3x60 minute session per week.

  • Limited size groups with two PT's.

  • Challenging & varied programmes which change every month to keep you progressing, engaged and enjoying yourself

  • Nutrition support & guidance.

  • Access to our comprehensive exercise video library which will support your nutrition, recovery and mobility goals.

  • Covering major and fundamental areas of your training for noticable fitness, physical and mental transformation. 



We'd highly recommend you complete the Foundation progmam before signing up, however you can sign up without doing so. This group is focused more on what an actual session in the gym may look like, while also taking on more complex exercises and training methods not covered in the Foundations. A constant learning process we guarantee you'll love! There are 3 classes per week: Sunday 11am, Tuesday 7.30pm and Friday 8.30pm. You'll find the option to join down below!

Disclaimer: If you're joining and you haven't trained with evey and gone through the Foundations, in order to keep personal attention balanced, we can't guarantee you'll receive the focus you'll need to catch you up to the level of the other ladies. Please feel free to get in touch before booking if this would apply to you!

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.


Thanks for subscribing!

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